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These are troubled times for the fashion world. Accumulation has replaced selection and trends self-destruct and regenerate in a question of hours. This is an age in which we frenetically consume and throw away tons of clothing, images and references. What is the significance of design within this context? In order to respond to this question, Pablo Ruizgalán has created a men's collection whose point of departure consists of clothing items donated by friends and acquaintances. NEW LIFE is a combinatory experiment in which every stitch establishes an impossible link between eras, persons, styles and functions. Re-usable materials become souvenirs of a rhizomatic network of affections and the clothing items acquire NEW LIFE through an architecture of broken lines and poetic volumes. In times of unemployment, economic crisis, junk bonds, fear, disillusion, impotence and uncertainty, RUIZGALAN proposes an ecology of style and reaffirms fashion's capacity to generate bright architectures and future projects.
Presentation 4th September of 2012 in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:



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